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Zeeshan Yunus Ahmed completed his master's in Architectural Design from Bartlett, University College London. Currently, he is finishing his PhD in 3D Concrete Printing from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and his research is focused on developing digital design and manufacturing processes for 3D concrete printed structures. Key research topics include developing entrainment processes for reinforcing 3DCP structures, developing design methodologies for 3D concrete printing technology and developing large-scale 3DCP projects for the architecture construction and engineering (AEC) industry.

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Wendy Volkers has a bachelor's in economics and a master's in business process management and information technology. She has over fifteen years of industry experience as an information manager in a wide array of fields such as finance, sales, logistics, facility management, human resource, consultancy, data and real estate. Besides fulfilling her role as CFO for Zavhy, she is also working as an information manager for the municipality of Eindhoven.



Frits Rooyackers

Having graduated from the Eindhoven University of Technology Frits is a structural engineer and a PhD candidate. His thesis simulates the mechanical deterioration processes in concrete sewer pipes subjected to sulfuric acid corrosion. In addition, he has worked on several innovative concepts, such as the dynamic behaviour and performance of adaptive structures and parametric design. The latter combines his profound interest in technology and programming with his creative side and love for architecture. He aims to fully utilize the computational capabilities of the computer as a design tool to simulate and optimize parts of a design. In addition, he plays in several bands and owns a home recording studio to address his creative side. He dreams of designing and building his own house in the future.


R&D engineer (concrete technology)

Taco Westerouen van Meeteren

Taco has a master's in Structural Engineering and Design from Eindhoven University of Technology. His thesis focused on the development of a self-healing high performance digital printable concrete using bacteria-based technology. Here, the project’s goal was to increase the material’s durability and extend the service life of 3D concrete printed structures. At Zavhy, his role includes developing and testing printable concrete compositions.

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